In our present cultural and political context, the urban landscape is rapidly and inevitably expanding. Boundaries between buildings, land, infrastructure, and art are increasingly eroding.  We believe architecture must inhabit the whole; improving our health, inclusivity, and humanity.

D/O seeks to eliminate disciplinary distinctions between architecture, landscape architecture, sustainability, ecology, material science, and urban planning. Through a liberation of form, programmatic adaption, and material innovation, we test the capacity for architecture’s broader role in shaping contemporary life.


Each project is born from the site, regardless of type or scale. We believe every landscape holds vast architectural possibilities. Utilizing digital methods and thorough site investigations we discover essential characteristics to elevate client needs and inspire opportunities for invention, transformation, and joyful living.

Working with architecture and landscape, we amplify these latent site qualities and enhance the resulting spaces with rigorous attention to detail and innovative materials. Each project is a fertile site to test the capacity of a broader definition of design.


Named one of North America’s “Emerging Practices” by the American Institute of Architecture Students, DWYER/OGLESBAY’s distinct vision was recognized with Honor Awards from the American Institute of Architects and the American Society of Landscape Architects. Additional honors include the National American Institute of Architects Young Architect Award and the Architecture for Humanity Design Fellowship.

Our projects are noted for uniting buildings and site. Each project naturally improves the ecology, economics, and health of our clients’ lives.